Types of Youth WorkYouth Work Training

 There are various ways that we reach out and serve the needs of Young People. We are constantly evaluating the work we do and we currently have new and emerging projects. If you think we may be able to help you or your organisation make better provision for young people we would love to hear from you.

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Some of the work we do includes:

Youth Drop In

Often referred to as a ‘Youth Club’, this type of provision offers young people a safe hang-out space where they can meet friends, play games as well as access support from a team of trained Youth Workers.



This offers young people a team of Youth Workers on the street in a given area. This type of provision is often a useful way to deter anti-social behaviour, but primarily provides young people with support where they are hanging-out. Success on the Streets in Foxhole.


Project Work

This can be a short-term approach to tackling difficult issues. An example of this has been the work done by young people across Torbay around raising the awareness of the effects of domestic abuse through Project DAVE. Also, practical projects such as Fix 'n' Ride, that promote healthy lifestyles through cycling, and road safety by ensuring that the bicycles are safe and well maintained. Other projects have included community social action and youth volunteering.


Schools Work

This connects our work in the community with a local school where by a small team will offer a lunchtime provision or a workshop. An example has been a workshop around ‘Respect in the Community – raising awareness around the effects of anti-social behaviour.