Our Core Values

Youth Genesis promotes a Christian Ethos – the aim of the projects and activities is to prioritise the needs of young people in the community and demonstrate Christian values through social action.

The Christian ethos of Youth Genesis provides young people with a positive environment that is welcoming, accepting and nurtures young people.

Our staff team is committed to equal opportunities, fairness and equality, and promoting a sense of justice within the work that Youth Genesis does. This involves linking local churches with young people in their community and building the bridge between church and contemporary youth culture.

Part of what Youth Genesis does is to enable young people to connect with their spiritual dimension by introducing concepts of unity, family and the communion of being together in sharing ideas and values and exploring what it means to live life in all its fullness.

There is often a misunderstanding that Youth Work is about planning sessions around a series of activities that young people attend. At Youth Genesis, we work with young people to become ‘creators’ rather than ‘consumers’, with this in mind, the centre of our practice embraces the FOUR Core Values for good Youth Work.


Informal Education - the spontaneous learning that young people experience outside of a school setting. A classic way of doing this is through discussion and conversation.

Equality of Opportunity - ensuring that the youth sessions we offer are accessible and inclusive to all.

Empowerment - valuing young people's comments and ideas and supporting young people to the point where they are driving the projects.

Voluntary Participation - that young people are free to come and go from the sessions, that the youth sessions are not mandatory places of learning.



These form the basis of our training for all new and existing staff and volunteers.