Inspiring young people to grow and achieve is what fires us at Youth Genesis. Every fibre of our work is geared to make a positive difference to the lives of young people in a way that sets them up with a vibrant vision for life!

From an initial pilot project in 2007, Youth Genesis has grown to become a driving force that is affecting positive change within communities through inspiring young people who may have lost hope, struggle to see the path ahead or lack the confidence to achieve long-term independently.

Our dedicated and committed team focus on providing holistic, person-centred, and strength-based support which empowers young people to be their best. Through a dynamic blend of informal education, fun activities, mentoring and workshops, we work with young people who may be disengaged with learning or struggling to access mainstream education to discover the tools and vision needed to succeed.

The Youth Genesis Approach

Quality and Impact are two key elements that are tightly woven within the DNA of Youth Genesis; a fully qualified team of practitioners work with communities and young people to co-design services, projects and activities that make a difference.

Rather than focusing on deficits such as ‘needs’ and ‘gaps’, the emphasis of our work is focused on identifying the strengths, skills, abilities and resources within communities – through this, we engage young people and the community to visualise what can be and what dreams and aspirations can be achieved by local young people.

Through this process, we engage young people to work with community associations, partnerships, Town and Parish Councils and Churches to realise positive opportunities that make a long-term difference.

The by-product: communities positively engaging with young people; young people realising their dreams; young people becoming empowered; young people taking control of their lives; young people becoming inspired with a vision for life!

Our Values

Good youth work starts with what young people say, and our values reflect just that; and that is what young people say they want Youth Genesis to be:

Quality – Delivering the best and safest opportunities for young people.

Respect – Embracing equality and diversity and ensuring that everyone can take part.

Empowerment – Ensuring young people take the lead and are in the driving seat in all that we do.

Pioneering – Willing to step outside of the box and try new ways of doing things.

Impact – Delivering high level impact through robust measurement and effective use of strengths.

Youth Genesis Trust is a registered Charity (Charity Number: 1150099) and Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Number: 08253540) – we are a not-for-profit organisation which means we have no share capital or pay dividends. This means that any profits we generate are put back into Youth Genesis and used for the benefit of young people.

And to make all of this happen in the right way, a highly skilled and qualified Board of Directors provide substantial oversight and ensure risks are well managed and that the highest levels in safeguarding and good practice are embedded within all our activities.

With this beautiful blend, we’re all set to inspire young people with a vision for life!

Types of Youth Provision

There are various ways that we reach out and serve the needs of young people, some of the types of work that we offer include:

Youth Drop-In

Often referred to as a ‘Youth Club’, this type of provision offers young people a safe hang-out space where they can meet
friends and play games as well as access support from a team of trained Youth Workers.


This offers young people a team of Youth Workers on the street
in a given area. This type of provision is often a useful way to
deter anti-social behaviour, but primarily provides young people
with support where they are hanging out.

Project Work

This can be a short-term approach to tackling difficult issues. An example of this has been the work done with young people across Torbay around raising awareness of the effects of domestic abuse through Project DAVE. Other projects have included community social action and youth volunteering.

Schools Work

This connects our work in the community with a local school where by a small team will offer a lunchtime provision or a workshop. An example of this has been a workshop around ‘Respect in the Community’ – raising awareness around the effects of anti-social behaviour.

Potential Outcomes

The potential soft outcomes from the types of work mentioned above will be:

  • Sustainable Youth Services
  • Stronger Networks
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • More connected Communities
  • More local residents involved in community projects
  • More young people engaged in positive activities
  • Local shared assets

Outcomes more specific to young people will be:

  • Learning a new skill
  • Engaged in training
  • Taking part in volunteering opportunities or
  • Gaining work experience
  • Raised confidence to manage money
  • Signposted to access specialist health services
  • Taking part in positive active citizenship
  • Engaged in activities that promote mental wellbeing
  • Reported a sense of improved mental wellbeing
  • Reported a sense of improved physical health
  • Reported an improvement in family life
  • Helped with reduced isolation
  • Reported an increased sense of safety (in the community and online)
  • Taking part in improving community spaces or places

Our Funders