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Welcome to Youth Genesis

Coronavirus : The majority of Youth Genesis Trust youth provisions are now beginning to re-open. Detached youth work is still continuing and support is being provided to young people by telephone and social media. All centre based provisions are Covid-19 secure and adhere to current government guidance.

Please note that our telephone number has changed to 01392 712347

Youth Genesis aims to transform the lives of young people through a range of dynamic activities and sessions that are designed to challenge, innovate and radically inspire the next generation living in our local communities.

Whether you’re a church, local council, community partnership or grassroots project, the Youth Genesis methodology is to work with community groups and organisations to bring together resources, local knowledge and assets to grow transformational resources for young people.

“Engaging & eye opening. The group work makes it more memorable” – Stephanie, 17 (*Name changed)

“Enjoyed the different presentations, Can’t shy away in small groups” – Emma, 18 (*Name changed)

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